Olivier G Payen


Only a few months old and I started sailing in the family sailing dinghy on the Atlantic coast of France . Years passed and I was in South of France, Italy,Greece, Turkey , Israel, managing and chartering sailing boats. Then, possessed by a wild need of traveling further, I kept moving through various countries, most of them in the sub tropical belt, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Caribbean, United States of America London, La Rochelle, Philippines, Indonesia and fourteen years ago I came to work to Thailand and Bali. I believe the future is in Asia.

The Sea runs in my veins … Decades in the yachting industry and still loving it. Email me!

Worawan Hokprasith (Poom)

Charter Director

I am Worawan Hokprasith, but most people know me as Poom. Serving others with excellence isn’t just a job for me; it’s a deeply embedded part of who I am. I was so drawn to this world of service that I pursued an education in hospitality and proudly graduated from Hotel & Tourism Management at Prince of Songkla University (PSU) – one of Thailand’s top institutions for the hospitality field.

My time working in 5-star hotels armed me with invaluable skills and knowledge about guest services and satisfaction. With this rich background, I made a seamless transition into the yachting business, where exceptional service is just as vital as in the luxury hotels I was accustomed to.

Being in the yachting industry, I understand that guests aboard yachts have high expectations for service and comfort. With my service-oriented mindset and dedication to excellence, I’ve thrived and passionately served in the yachting industry for almost two decades now. And every day, I continue to deliver excellence, ensuring our guests always have an unparalleled and unforgettable experience on the sea. Email me! I am the third from the left

Benjawan Siripun (Nuch)

Sales & Administration Executive

Having pursued my passion for hospitality, I embarked on an academic journey, proudly earning a Bachelor’s degree in Business & Tourism of Hotel and Tourism Management from Prince of Songkla University (PSU). Armed with knowledge and enthusiasm, I have delved into the hospitality industry, dedicating more than a decade to mastering the art of services and guest satisfaction working in 5 star hotels. My commitment to excellence led me to the world of yachting, a realm where luxury meets adventure, and where I found my true calling.
Email me! I am the second from the left

Nutchaya Sae-Ar-Lee (Rose)

Chief Stewardess

Understanding that each guest is unique. Years of expertise in the yachting industry, I have spent a decade navigating the intricate waters of the yachting industry, this individual brings a wealth of experience to the table. For this passionate, each voyage is a canvas, every detail is meticulously arranged, ensuring that every guest finds their slice of paradise amidst the vastness of the sea. Email me! I am the one on the sun bed